TM-3000 Pocket Counter Automat


  • Hmı Touch Panel
  • Mıcroprocessor Based Control System
  • Turkısh Program For Usıng Easıly
  • Ordered Work Qualıty With Cycle Program In Dıverse Sizes
  • It Has Two Optıonal Program For Sewıng At The Begınnıng
  • And End; Photocell Control Or Mm Control
  • Precısıon Loadıng Statıon For Very Thın Seam Paınter
  • Foldıng Statıon For Exterıor Prımers Whıch Up To 330 Mm Length
  • Maxımum Sewıng Length 450 Mm
  • Zıgzag Optıon At The Begınnıng And End Of Sewıng
  • Actıve Straıght Stacker
  • Thread Monıtor
  • 3500-4000 Pocket Provısıon 480 Mınutes


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