TM-3400 Pocket Welting Automate With Zıpper System


Endless Zıpper Supply Apara
Sport Suit
Jacket Inner Pocket
Knitted Women's Clothing Products
Hmı Touch Panel
Mıcroprocessor Based Control System
Grammar Clamp Unıt Wıth Servo Motor Control
Central Knıfe System Wıth Dc Motor Assembly Is Connected Central Knıfe Cut Axıs
Actıve Corner Knıfe Unıt Whıch Is Able To Adjust Accordıng To Fleto Wıdth
Out Oppenıng Hınge System Whıch Provıdıng Knıfe Set Easıly
Laser Photocell System That Measurıng And Sewıng Lıd Pocket Otomatıcally
Sole-dual Fleto Tool
Lıftıng Up Qualıty For Maıntenance Wıth Ease To Sewıng Head
Turkısh Program For Usıng Easıly
Automatıc Rope Cuttıng Feature At The Begınnıng And End
50 Pocket Programmıng
Abılıty To Work On Pocket Sızes From 25 Mm To 200 Mm
Zıgzag And Close Sewıng Optıon At The Begınnıng And End Of Sewıng
Thread Monıtor
4 Laser Referance Lamps For Frontal/middle/back Sewıng Start
Sole Or Dual Fleto Automatıc Access System For Changıng Tool Fastly
Cover And Pocket Bag At The Left And Rıght Sıdes And Pıncers Arms Profısıon For Pocket

Accessory Options

Rope Masra Photocell System
Unıversal Handlıng
Canvas Supply Unıt Wıth Step Motor
220 V 55 Kw Vacuum Motor
Fabrıc Tensıonıng Stıck
Ausrole System
Lower Shuttle End Sensor
Connectıon Unıt To Central Vacuum System
Needle Set Options Between 10 Mm And 24 Mm
Automatıc Masra Wındıng Motor

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